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Mr. Jarundej Koosuwannakul (Boss)
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Mr. Jarundej Koosuwannakul (Boss)
Mobile: + 66 81 588 9902, + 66 84 078 0781

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ESD PVC Curtain

Anti-static PVC curtain can be utilized as a barrier wall or protective curtain material in the ESD

sensitive environment;Made of anti-static PVC curtain, continuous honeycomb black carbon lines

are printed on one side of PVC sheet, 0.5mm thickness PVC curtain has good draping ability so

that it can be used as protective cover or instruments where electro-static should be

controlled;Carbon lines are printed on anti-static PVC curtain;

Excellent draping ability.

Specification ESD PVC Curtain

1) Material: anti-static pvc

2) Surface resistance: 10e6-10e7 Ohm

3) Thickness: 0.3mm, 0.5mm

4) Size: 1.37*30m

5) Voltage: 25v

6) Static decay: 0.5s

7) Tensile strength: 1.8kg/mm2

8) Shrinkage rate: 170%-210%

9) Elongation rate: 1%

ESD PVC Curtain